Keeping your HVAC running smoothly should be one of the top priorities for your business, especially with the kind of weather Florida can bring. A malfunctioning or broken HVAC system can disrupt a business, potentially damaging products or endangering employees’ and consumers’ health.

When you need commercial HVAC services in Davie, FL, our team of technicians at Joe Hillman Cooling & Heating is ready to come to your aid. We service commercial clients during emergency shutdowns no matter what time of day and can schedule an appointment should you decide to install a new unit on your property.

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Commercial HVAC Repair & Sevice

Did your AC go out in the middle of the night or over the weekend? Don’t worry…we’re available 24/7. Our expert HVAC techs are standing by, ready to help, day or night.

Commercial HVAC Repair

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Need regular maintenance or service on the AC system in your home or business? Give us a call today. We work on all brands of air conditioners, are accredited by the BBB and great reviews.

Commercial HVAC Service

Commercial HVAC Installations

Need to replace your old, inefficient air conditioner? The AC pros at Joe Hillman Cooling & Heating can help you find the right system for your budget and needs. Schedule a consultation today.

New HVAC Installation

Our Technicians Provide Businesses with Emergency HVAC Services

Florida can experience severely high temperatures during the summer, especially during July and August, which can overwhelm HVAC systems. However, while a malfunctioning HVAC unit in a residential home can be a major inconvenience to homeowners, a malfunctioning unit in a commercial property can lead to significant profit losses.

The following consequences can occur if you do not have working air conditioning in your commercial property:

  • You may have to temporarily close your business until repairs are done to your HVAC unit.
  • Raw materials that need to be kept at specific temperatures might degrade, becoming damaged or destroyed altogether, which disrupts the production process.
  • Food products and pharmaceutical drugs might spoil and no longer be suitable for sale.
  • Employees with respiratory problems, such as asthma, may not be able to work in your building until HVAC repairs are completed.
  • Productivity rates among your employees might drop due to discomfort from the heat or cold.
  • Customers might turn away from your business because of the poor or lack of air conditioning, ventilation, or heating in your building.
  • Lack of ventilation can put employees at risk if they are working with fumes or other harmful products.

When commercial HVAC problems force you to halt business, that’s an emergency—because each hour that goes by without work could mean thousands of lost sales.

Our Technicians are Available 24/7 to Fix Your Commercial HVAC Unit

We always have an HVAC technician on call to take emergency repair calls because we understand the importance of air conditioning and ventilation to a Floridian business. If you are experiencing mechanical issues with your cooling or heating unit, we can:

  • Send someone to fix your commercial HVAC system
  • Respond to your call outside of regular business hours, including weekends and nights
  • Repair your commercial heating and air conditioning unit so that you do not experience further problems within the year or your money back, 100% satisfaction guarantee

We are proud to service our community in South Florida and hope to be a company you trust to handle your air conditioning and heating needs.

We Do Preventative Maintenance to Keep Your HVAC Unit Running Properly

Once you work with Joe Hillman Cooling & Heating, we will build a relationship with you as our client. Commercial HVAC units should be inspected biannually to prevent issues from developing or worsening, which is why we offer to schedule these maintenance checks with you.

Here are some benefits of preventative maintenance:

  • Discover mechanical, electrical, or piping errors before they develop or worsen
  • Spot water leaks, which can help keep your building from getting mold or water damage
  • Being notified when it is time to replace your HVAC unit
  • Getting upgrades to the latest technology when available, such as smart thermostats from ENERGY STAR
  • Getting notified about government mandates that might affect your HVAC system, such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s freon phaseout

You can learn more about our service rates in a consultation with one of our sales representatives.

Our Technicians Can Install a New Commercial HVAC Unit in Your Building

In some cases, a business might have to replace its HVAC system because it has reached the end of its lifetime, which is generally between 15 and 25 years for commercial units.

Technology continues to advance to meet consumers’ demand for efficient energy usage, environmentally friendly features, and improved air quality. As such, there can be several options to choose from but little guidance on how to choose. Our representatives can go over the commercial and industrial HVAC systems we offer and provide free estimates for you to review.

Planning for Installation of Your Commercial Heating and Cooling System

After you purchase your system, we can install the unit into your building. This process is made easy, as we will factor in:

  • The dimensions of your building and the space available for the unit
  • When you need the commercial or industrial HVAC unit installed

We can schedule a commercial HVAC installation appointment that is good with your schedule and then manage the installation process.

Other Air Conditioning and Heating Services We Offer in South Florida

We offer various air conditioning and heating services to people in Broward County as well as Palm Beach County and Miami-Dade County. If you experience any of the following issues, our technicians are prepared to help you with:

  • AC repair and installation
  • Thermostat repair and installation, including smart thermostats
  • Heat pump system repair and installation
  • Furnace repair and replacement
  • Electric heating system repair and installation
  • Air filtration services
  • UV air purification services and installation
  • Whole-house dehumidifiers services and installation

Our representatives can discuss the various products we service in consultation and provide you free estimates if you are interested in installing a new air conditioning, ventilation, filtration, or heating system in your building.

Call Us for More Details About the Commercial HVAC Services We Provide in Davie

Whether you’re facing an emergency breakdown or want a new HVAC unit for your business, Joe Hillman Cooling & Heating is here to provide the service you need. Our office is located just off I-595, east of The Towers, so we can come to your business right away whenever you need repairs or a maintenance check.

To learn more about the HVAC systems we work with and offer, call us at (954) 283-5479. Our climate control professionals are waiting for your call.

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